Its blocky characteristics allow for physical manifestation of sonic building blocks for a collage of impressions. A simple sampler solution that resembles a cast iron pan or bar b q rather than microwave, with every use changing the sound slightly. Well used samples are like a fine wine, new qualities about with every pass or shudder, new uses for the same sound. The physical motions make more physical expression in the fog of executing a memory or recalling one. Tapes are apocalyptic in the sense that if the end of the world happens, or is imagined to have happened, the amount of human detritus from this era will be partly old media, and the personal qualities possessed by tapes will render them an intimate picture of human life. They possess these qualities pre and post apocalypse.  Since the tape is a mechanical media, full of moving parts and magnetic charge, its physicality can be instantly related to human functioning with a touch, whereas more informationaly powerful samplers and computers seethe with secret knowledge and power, inhuman. They are laughing at us, and may function perfectly well without us. A tape is a direct physical manifestation of the sounds contained within it. “where the sound of that cat walking on the piano?” ”Why, its right over there on the table.” The sound is traped but is still in the physical realm and can be manipulated physically. This allows for training to and technique to saturate the performer in an ancient primordial fashion, thus escaping common pitfalls of modern hi-tech performance, such as mental breakdown and “playing while dead” but still has the old problems, like “tangled wires” or “everything inexplicably covered with ooze”.