Everyone from certain generations has a box of tapes at the back of their closet. Tapes mean a range of possibilities. each tape shares with each other tape a "likely relationship". the graph of interrelationships resembles a cloud or fog.
All is a fog. Remembering itself is a fog. Most advanced equipment is either broken, will brake, or is braking right now. Tapes provide a flood, or fog of impression. Impressions from a single event end up on multiple tapes spread out over a large area. The vortex is either the lost data or the found data. The webs of relationships have a direction and these directions added up produce “currents” that propel towards the center. This is an arraignment of data. The Vortex is a churning web of probable arraingments of known variables. How many different ways can the 3 min. of violin be combined with the 2 min of car horns down a windy street? How many different ways can 6mins of singing and doing dishes be combined with 10seconds of a bug hitting a zapper?