Nonhorse Vs X (Cass, C30)     Fuck It Tapes       


Nonhorse Eats (CDr, Album)   Ft Awesome


Haraam, Circle Of Flame (CD, Album, Ltd) Release The Bats Records         

Rigor Lore (Cass, Ltd)            Not Not Fun Records


Cursedart (CDr, Album)  Sharks & Pfennigs         

Drone Moral (Cass, Ltd, C47)  DNT Records         

Evileye Broadcast (Cass, Album, Ltd)  Tape Tektoniks

Horse Split (Cass, Ltd, C40)            JK Tapes         

My First Moth / Gun Tears (CDr)           [ tanzprocesz ]

Xol Mic (Cass, Ltd)          Abandon Ship Records         


Condo Castle (Cass, Ltd, C90)  Open Range Records         

Peace Ninja (Cass, Ltd)   White Tapes

Cross Colors (Cass, Ltd, C60)  Silent Barn         

Moral Charm MixTape #1 (Cass, Ltd, C90)   Silent Barn    

Mushhead (Cass, Ltd, C40)           Fuck It Tapes         

Pink Light (Cass, Ltd, C60)           Baked Tapes         

Slow Child (7")           Young Tapes         

The Rare Tape Zero (Cass, C60)           Dreamtime Taped Sounds


Jame Dems (Cass, C60)       Hypno 

Shadow World (CDr)      Upstairs  


Solo tracks:

New Skin For The Old Ceremony: The Polyamory Nine Year Anniversary Compilation (CDr, Ltd)          “Rabbitmousophone”          Polyamory          2005

Free Beasts (Cass, C78) “Disco For Bad Kid”  ,Not Not Fun Records          2006

Tomutonttu & Sekalaisia Vol. 1 (Cass)          “Untitled”  Huutomerkki          2006

Rippers And Creepers, Vol. 1 (Cass, Comp, C68)“Ceasar Shift”          Pendu Sound Recordings          2008



Coney Island Clam Bar International (CDr, Album)          Long Island, “Aunt Alice”...          Radbab Records          2002

Mas Cambios (CD, Album)          “Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day”        Track & Field          2002

Rigamarole Schmigamarole (CDr, Album) “Tom Died Alone” Radbab Records          2002

The Housebound Spirit (CD, Album) “Electric Love”          Planet Mu          2003

Buck Dharma (2xLP, Album, Ltd)            Time-Lag Records          2005

Buck Dharma (CD, Album)            5 Rue Christine          2005

Castanets / I Heart Lung (12", EP, Ltd, Gre)            Asthmatic Kitty Records, Sounds Are Active          2005

First Light's Freeze (CD, Album)           Asthmatic Kitty Records          2005

L'Un Marquer Contre La Moissonneuse (CD, Album, Ltd)                     Three Lobed Recordings          2005

Gipsy Freedom (2xLP, Album)  5 Rue Christine          2006
Gipsy Freedom (CD, Album)             5 Rue Christine          2006

Nordic Visions (LP)            Gipsy Sphinx          2006
Nordic Visions (CD, Album)                     Important Records (2)          2006

Unusual Animals Vol. 2 (10", EP, Spl) “BlackWater” Asthmatic Kitty Records          2006

Yellow House (CD)          “Plans”   Warp Records          2006

Acid Bath (Cass, C20)   Night People  2007

Bush Babies (7", Ltd)            DNT Records          2007

Double Blackberry (Cass, S/Sided, C70)                  Meudiademorte          2007

Vellum (Cass, C40)  Meudiademorte 2007

Drumlins (7", Single, Ltd)            Not Not Fun Records          2007

Friend EP (CD, EP)       Plans (Terrible Vs. No...          Warp Records          2007
Friend EP (12", EP)          Plans (Terrible Vs. No...          Warp Records          2007

Geminis (CDr, Album, Ltd)            Blackest Rainbow          2007

I Am Just To Myself (Cass, Ltd, C43)  Arbor          2007

In The Vines (CD, Album)            Asthmatic Kitty Records          2007

Loco Hills (CD, Album, Ltd)            Release The Bats Records          2007
Loco Hills (LP, Ltd)            Not Not Fun Records          2008

At Rear House (LP, Album, Ltd)           Woodsist, Troubleman Unlimited          2007

Phases In Meticulous Orbit (CDr, Album, Ltd)          “Phase Two”          Blackest Rainbow          2007
Phases In Meticulous Orbit (Cass, Ltd)          “Phase Two” Blackest Rainbow          2007

Stone Tablet (LP, Ltd, Album)           Important Records (2)          2007
Stone Tablet (CD, Album)            Important Records (2)          2007

Gripstone (Cass, Ltd, C22)            Night People          2008

Woods Family Creeps (Vinyl, Album, bla) Time-Lag Records 2008

Songs Of Shame (LP)            Woodsist          2009

Alle In Einem Bus (CD, Album)            Textile Records  2009