the band ha ha


 First band I toured USA with. Made up of college bros and brand new friends. Particular weirdness in that it was barely traditional. More than the sum of its parts style. Lightning in a bottle. Good example of how a project built on the interaction of strong different personalities is “better” or somehow “more alive” than a single composer and mercenaries (unless the composure is some kind of genius-asshole). It hardly made any sense, and the music was weird and hazy and hard to define. It could freely be described as “drone” or “ acoustic noise” except there was usually pretty singing and guitar solos, or it could be called “extremely bad” as much of it was improv and if the feeling ain’t right, the magic leaves the room like a toilet flushing. The front man James Jackson Toth is a towering mountain of poetry and opinions, with a snapping wit and an iconoclastic take on virtually everything that persists to this day. A great songwriter and even a pretty good “ghost rapper” which is when you moan and yell in rhythm to a churning loopy drone stew. Which happened for one tour and was always my favorite shit, until James saw some younger band do it in Austin and discovered it might be dumb. It was unless you were him. The overall bent to the band's artwork and mood was of a cracked, spun, tripped out religious cult, and we all spent a long time nurturing disinformation and coming up with aliases and fake back stories, which was super fun. Except it worked a little too well, and we'd show up at small towns and they thought we were actually religious. James wrote an awesome colorful history of how we met that I have linked to here. There was a lot of touring ideas and interest built of James awesome songwriting, so that’s how I wound up having my first hard-core shit-circuit USA tour experience. It lasted almost four months, with a three week break in new York city in the winter to record an album. We played galleries, houses, bars, and school here or there. Looking back on it I basically traded my entire life in NYC for a chance to tour, where I gave up my job, my cute girlfriend, and my cool house. But ultimately I feel like I had a transcendent, edifying time eating shit, sleeping on rocks, and playing horrible sounding shows to lunatics all across America. The people involved, all towering personalities, and the kind of music which was basically being made up as we went along and played on garbage instruments by people who were barely musicians, made for a foaming, bucking, fit-throwing hell-ride the likes of which should never be repeated, but I look back on fondly for some reason; it was unique. A true downward spiral of classic infernal proportions, full of epic occurrences, death, tears, wild drug use, blatant illegal practices, drop dead hilarity, fighting the audience, million year drives, white knuckle border crossings, and spectral jams into the night. We kept a tour diary along the way, and this is probably the best look at our collective mindset and an explanation of the band (and all bands) in general. It is written as if we were one schizoid person and im happy to give it a home here.