Time Life

This was a project I started post WWVV with Heidi Diehl because I didn’t want to stop playing this spectral music. I say spectral, because the encounter was what I was after, setting up a structure and then finding the sound inside it, actively. Performing in a band structure. Id just get lost and “feel it”. I also wanted a more narrative approach to concepts to meld with and inspire the music, and Heidi and I were usually on the same wavelength. We produced recording in homage to spirit batteries, upstate new York gothic fairy mounds, German sex educators, tweener ballpoint pen art, old book binding materials, saying “excuse me”, getting control, Terminator world-view, staring at the Parthenon, frozen New York, birds at night, and pure sweet love.  We toured a couple of times in the UK and Germany, recorded in Greece and generally got way, way out there.