Performance Thanatology

Ok, here’s where we equivocate. My favorite projects are the ones where the boundaries are so blurred, so hopelessly and purposefully ambiguous, that it can be technically acceptable in any artistic genre/social sphere.  Performance Thanatology is a code word that identifies “when I collaborate with Ric Royer” a hilariously talented and charismatically perverted sound-poet/dramaturge/writer I met in buffalo a million years ago. He writes the scripts and executes and I design the sound and make the live collage. Many of the pieces work on the thanatological concept of the score, where Ric sets up parameters for performance and I do an “unknown thing” with the data available. See the “Thanatology” section of this website for a further theoretical unpacking of the concept itself, but I have included the project here because we’ve played this project like a band. Does this mean it is a band? Yes and no, of course. Calling something a band means worrying about a different set of aesthetic concerns. The pieces tend toward the quick and dirty side. A theatrical piece is just as well defined as “a performance with a set and script executed by actors for an audience” as it is “a performance that you rehearse for that starts on time and happens once or twice on a weekend” just as a band could be defined as “ any music with a guitar and drums” or “any performance where everyone is drunk and no one cares about the feedback”. This is my most fluid and most conceptual project and we have done many different things over the years, including a ghost story album, a vaudevillian theater piece, an interactive pychogeographical sound piece, various fluxus maneuvers, and a piece where everything just explodes. More info and a list of pieces and collaborators HERE.