Opposition ego to adversary. Development of the individual over time. Impressions of development are scattered, leading to representation as collage, or layered elements utilizing grouping, stark brakes, coincidental juxtaposition (juxty), rapid interweaving, and subject overload (drone layering meditation). I am constantly feeling something with my hand that is behind me, but I can’t turn around to look at it. The texture and contours of the thing change as I move my hand from top to bottom while staring forward. Smooth then bumpy, then dipping into a valley then flattening as I move my hand up. I reach the limit of my arm span, and while still not able to turn around, it is impossible for me to know the height, whether it goes on forever and is impossibly big, or if it stops a little past my out stretched fingers. Is that smell everywhere I go or is it only spread under my nose so I smell it wherever?