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WHATS A BAND? and Band Lore…

A band is a peculiar grouping or “working arraignment” of musicians who endeavor to create what is sometimes referred to as a “sound” or “music” together. It is a grouping centered around a common, active task. No matter what the social motivation is, the priority is to first come together and communicate musically within the group, and second for the resulting communication to perhaps be experienced by individuals not directly involved in the created communication or music; the “audience”. Its presumably for their “entertainment” and this is the reigning aspect of music made by a band. And to Be Doing It. Now.  An old forgotten band name has a craggy wornness to it, like a box found in an old drawer that’s inexplicably filled with dry earth.
Other non-band musical groupings are less about entertainment and more about some other aspect of expression and the vocabulary for “what happened” and “how it went” and “what was important” is different.

Sometimes an inertial of togetherness will be fostered, and those who tend to come together will naturally encounter a name for the group, a name that simultaneously names the group and what the group does, and a Band is born. The name then begins to no only refer to the music created, but also to the lives of those involved, what happens to them in that life with music and all tertiary cultural habits and signifiers, such as where they usually congregate, who they associate with, what they tend to wear, and the suggestion of their darker secrets. A Lore is created. A constellation of interlocking pedigrees. On a grander scale, an entire people may be created, a localized culture, a reality bubble, an autonomous zone.

People are named. The things they do are named, and the group is named. Not just music is created. It could be argued that mostly not music is created. Music itself is a primordial right of mankind. What a band is and what it does while it makes music is not an ancient thing, it is always of a constellation of sudden moments. It is perpetually ‘now’ based. And that is the use of Band Lore. By defining a story around a music we find a way to wordlessly define a kind of life, complete with the bombast of myth and the epic quality of history.   (“dude…that was the SICKEST PARTY EVER” etc…)
Many people make music without bothering to name every aspect of the music and its groupings. Music/sound Creation without the cultural artifacts of the band mindset. But It tends to happen, because naming is such a creative act and it behooves us to populate the world with our creativity as a natural expression of the fact of our own existence. A wealth of names and associations key a new individual into the consensual hallucination of our new shared culture. 
I’m endlessly fascinated with how individuals construct their projects and the associations they prompt within the conventions of naming.
I have been in a few bands now, and I consider the inclusion of my work and art in a such a collaborative environment to always be a very organic thing.
If you should play together you invariably do. If you should keep playing you do. If you should play in front of others you do. If you should travel together and play in front of others you do. If you should break up it will happen. Band world works on social inertia. If you call what you do a Band then there is usually a significant “music as entertainment” aspect to the daily specifics of the deployment of “your thing”. Its performance art made for the doing, for the front lines, for the unsweated details. It is populist. It is ecstatic. It covers the earth, man.